Discover Movement: ​Specialized Fitness and Cutting-Edge Recovery Modalities

Our exercise specialists cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Our specialized fitness programs are designed with an understanding of aging, anatomy, and biomechanics for a supportive and effective fitness journey. Dive into strength-building, flexibility, and overall functional fitness, with our personalized programs. We prioritize gradual progress and individualized achievement. 

Enjoy our cutting edge recovery treatments like stretching, compression, and salt therapy. Ageless Fitness is your one-stop location for wellness and longevity.

Ageless Fitness Hunter's Creek Services

Personal Training
30-minute and 60-minute personalized training sessions.
A 25 minute one-on-one stretch customized to your specific needs, focusing on problem areas or targeting certain muscle groups.
Small Group Training
Small, private group sessions of 2-3 people with one trainer.
Percussion Therapy
Restorative care with a percussion device, offering deep-penetrating relief to stiff muscles, so you can exercise more and recover faster.
15-minute compression therapy sessions in our comfortable reclining chair!
Vitality Booth
Multiple wellness modalities in every 20-minute session: red light therapy, halotherapy (dry salt inhalation), oxygen, and negative ion immersion.

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Ageless Packages and Memberships

*All programs are customizable and will be built at the time of consultation. 

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